The technique is intended for anyone over the age of 18 who may want to correct aesthetic problems of their lips, brows and eyelids, or for those who like some subtle looking make-up always present. Pain during the treatment is relative. Anxious clients usually feel more discomfort, while other clients compare pain to brow tweezing or mild scratching. In addition, women in the middle of their period will have increased sensitivity to pain, so it is not recommended to do the treatment while ladies are on their period. Anaesthetic creams and gels are usually used for each procedure to minimise discomfort.

All treatments are done with sterile, hygienic and disposable tools that offer the clients the highest and safest standards.

How much is a Phicontour treatment?: €350 per area (Lips, Ombre soft shading brows, Powder Brows or Lip tint) BOOK NOW


All treatments: Avoid alcohol and pain killers 3 days before, no caffeine or other stimulants including Red Bull, Ginseng or exercise 1 day prior. Discontinue taking fish oil supplements and Vitamin A, 4 weeks prior.  Stop applying retinol-based products to the area being treated 6 weeks before.

Lips: On the week of your Phicontour lips treatment ensure your lips are not dry, chapped or sunburnt.  Stay hydrated,  exfoliate daily and wear a lip balm to keep them moist.

Brows: Ensure the skin in the brow area is clear from dry skin and breakouts, exfoliate well one week before.

Classic Eyeliner: you must stop applying lash serums for a minimum of 2 months before, no chemical treatments for 1 month before (artificial lashes,  lash lift or lash tint) . All artificial lashes must be off for a minimum of 1 month prior.


During the first day gently, (without rubbing), cleanse the area treated with damp cotton pads every 30-60 minutes. Remove lymph to prevent scabs and apply the aftercare cream provided to the area. This cream can be applied any time you feel tightening of the area within the following 7 days. During the first 7 days avoid the sauna, swimming pools, make-up in the area, sun tanning, cosmetic treatments. Initial top-up treatment is recommended 6-8 weeks later when the lips/eyelids/brows are fully regenerated (healed).

PhiContour colour refresh is recommended every 18-24 months. Oily skin types may need a top-up sooner.

In order to preserve the colour for as long as possible, use SPF daily. Clients may experience some swelling the next day after lip colour or eyeliner, not usually after brow micro pigmentation. In this case, you can get cream from your doctor to reduce swelling if you are worried about it.

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Contraindications for Phicontour

  • Are you under 18?
  • Are you currently pregnant or breastfeeding?
  • Do you suffer from Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring?
  • Have you had botox in this area in the last 2 weeks
  • *Are you taking Anti-Coagulation medication?
  • Have you currently got an outbreak of Herpes? (Cold sores)
  • Do you suffer with severe Acne (vulgaris or rosacea)?
  • Have you had Chemotherapy within the past 6 months?
  • Do you suffer from auto-immune disease?
  • Hepatitis (currently or in the past)
  • Bleeding disorders eg: Hemophilia A or B, Sickle Cell
  • Severe Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Vitiligo
  • Psoriasis, Eczema, Severe Dermatitis (in the area being treated eg: Brows)
  • * Diabetes type 1
  • * Blood pressure problems
  • * Heart problems
  • * Epilepsy